Moving around

Movement strategy

Our proposals have been designed to strike the right balance of cycle and car parking, mindful of the proposed range of one, two, three-and four-bedroom homes. To inform our proposals, we have undertaken a transport assessment which covers relevant parking policy, car ownership figures and parking demand in the locality.

The site is well located with a range of public transport facilities and amenity facilities within walking distance, including but not limited to:

  • West Harrow Underground Station – Approximately 800m (a 12-minute walk)
  • North Harrow Underground Station – Approximately 1120m (a 14-minute walk)
  • Nearest Bus Stop (NN & NP) – Approximately 350m (a 4-minute walk)
  • Tesco Express – Approximately 800m (a 12-minute walk)

Site Access
The main pedestrian and vehicular access to the site will be retained on The Ridgeway which includes a ghost right turn lane.

Parking provision
Car parking for new residents will be provided on site at a ratio of 0.4 space per residential unit and will include electric charging points, disabled parking and secure cycle parking (300 spaces) to help encourage a reduction in car use. New residents will not be allowed to apply for a resident parking permit.

Predicted vehicle movements
A trip generation assessment for the proposed residential development has been undertaken using industry standard trip generation databases and local census information.
The assessments undertaken indicate that the proposed development would be expected to result in an additional 13 vehicle movements within the weekday AM peak hour and 13 in the weekday PM peak hour.

Impact to local network
The trip generation assessment indicates that the proposed residential development would generate an additional 66 public transport movements within the weekday AM peak hour and 47 in the weekday PM peak hour. These trips would be dispersed across all forms of public transport.