New homes

A TateHindle scheme: Aura, Cambridge

Our proposals will offer the opportunity of homeownership to a wider spectrum of local people, delivering much needed affordable homes whilst generating additional income for the Council to improve infrastructure and community facilities in the local area.

Our proposals are for 195 homes – with a range of one, two-and three-bedroom flats, alongside three-and four-bedroom houses. A proportion of homes will be designed to be wheelchair accessible.

The proposals include a policy compliant number of 78 affordable homes (40%), with both shared ownership and affordable rent properties.

Car parking for new residents will be provided on site at a ratio of 0.4 (1 space for every 2.5 homes) and will include electric charging points, disabled parking, car club spaces and secure cycle parking to help encourage a reduction in car use. New residents will not be allowed to apply for a resident parking permit.

Community Space
We are currently discussing the delivery of a new sustainable community space with the London Borough of Harrow. We would like to know your thoughts on the type of community use you think should be included.

Financial Contributions
In addition to the new community facility and homes, financial contributions will be made to support local infrastructure, including schools, community and leisure facilities, transport infrastructure and health facilities.

These contributions will include:

  • S106 financial contributions to aid the local area
  • Mayoral and Borough Community Infrastructure Levy to help support social and physical infrastructure needs