The site

View toward The Ridgeway boundary, Harrow Gospel Hall on the left

The site, in West Harrow, is located approximately 500m from West Harrow Underground Station and measures 1.4 hectares in size.

The site is bordered to the south by the two tracked Metropolitan Line, to the west by The Ridgeway and to the north by the West Harrow Allotments (council owned). To the south across the railway line is West Harrow Recreation Ground. The site itself sits the equivalent of two-storeys below The Ridgeway.

It is an important site with several considerations. It also represents a fantastic opportunity to redevelop a site with a sensitive but comprehensive development of the highest quality.

Existing site entrance

Council owned allotments to the north of the site

View across from West Harrow Recreation Ground looking up The Ridgeway as it rises to bridge the railway