The team

A TateHindle scheme: Millbrook Park in Mill Hill

The Harrow Gospel Hall Trust has enjoyed a twenty-year tenure in the area, working closely with their neighbours and supporting local groups. They are now looking to re-use their land in a meaningful way, bringing new life to the site and creating an appropriate legacy for the Trust.

An experienced team of consultants has been appointed by the Trust to deliver a sensitive redevelopment of the highest quality.


TateHindle is an award-winning, employee owned architecture and design practice based in London who have been appointed as principal architect for the development project due to their extensive experience of working on innovative and sustainable new build developments.


Daniel Watney is an independent commercial and residential property consultancy who have been appointed to provide planning policy advice to the Trust, including co-ordinating the pre-application process with the London Borough of Harrow.


Velocity is a specialist transport planning consultancy who have been appointed to conduct a transport assessment of the site and provide expert advice on the existing infrastructure, and required enhancements to improve accessibility for all modes of travel, particularly for sustainable travel alternatives to the car, such as walking, cycling and public transport.


Outerspace is an award-winning, landscape architect based in London who have been appointed to develop a landscape strategy for the site, including new public open spaces for existing and future residents.